The experienced team at AW want to see your workplace be the best it can be. Providing one off training, facilitation and mediation as well as ongoing support through coaching and counselling. We also provide tailored services as we know every place is different.

Workplaces can be a great place to spend time particularly when we have positive relationships with colleagues and supervisors. We can thrive on challenges and experience a sense of purpose and worth as a result of our inclusion in a team or organisation. High quality training experiences help to build skill and resilience particularly when they are tailored to meet your needs and are concise.

Despite the positives we can sometimes experience challenges in our work relationships which can be resolved in a few ways. One way is to provide counselling for the individuals involved which can help develop insight and build on existing skills to improve the relationship. It may also help the person to identify any personal challenges which may be impacting their time at work.

Sometimes the situation escalates and a mediation is required to reduce conflict and get agreement and resolution to a conflict.

We'd love to know more about your workplace challenges. As a small Australian owned company our unique offerings really are tailored to your needs.


Workplace mediation and dispute resolution is a confidential process involving an independent and impartial third party. Successful mediation can be a productive first step that could alleviate the need for costly legal services.



Some of the workplace topics which counselling can be helpful with include: Managing Stress, Work-Life balance, Challenging interpersonal behaviours, Communication problems, Supervisor/Supervisee problems.



As a national provider of training we can deliver on site training to augment your workplace. We can provide a fast turnaround time on tailored courses for delivery on site, online or a hybrid model to give your staff continued access in order to enhance and retain the learning.



  • Workplace Induction
  • Schizophrenia for Carers
  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Residential Advisor Training
  • Resilience, Mental Health & Staying Well

Mental Health
First Aid

  • Standard & Refresher
  • Youth & Refresher
  • Blended Workplace
  • Blended Online Workplace
  • Blended Online Community
  • Blended Tertiary
  • Conversations About Gambling
  • Conversations About Suicide
  • Conversations About Non-Suicidal Self-Injury


  • Safe Talk
  • Suicide to Hope