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We offer counselling as and when your employees need it. This means you don’t pay for something you aren’t using which can be a more cost effective method of providing counselling for your staff.
Some of the workplace topics which counselling can be helpful with include:

Managing Stress
Work-Life balance
Challenging interpersonal behaviours
Communication problems
Supervisor/Supervisee problems

Counsellors can also help with personal challenges unrelated yet impacting work performance.

The workplace can be a protective factor so employers have a role in ensuring the workplace is a place where staff enjoy challenges, have support from others and feel competent in their role.

Some benefits to workplace counselling include:

Potential reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism.
Better relationships with peers and managers
Reduced staff turnover and
Reduced financial impact of leave provisions and recruitment.

Workplace Group Counselling
A few steps before mediation, an opportunity to discuss challenges impacting group dynamics. Having an external counsellor top facilitate these discussions can help staff find common values in line with the company strategy.Image[/cs_content_seo]