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Augmenting Workplaces uses a structured process to help organisations resolve underlying issues and achieve positive ongoing working relationships. Mediation can be provided at your place of business or, as is gaining popularity, online.
Augmenting Workplaces will work with you to best meet the needs of your individual business.

What is mediation ?
When two parties are in a dispute and other attempts at resolution have failed they may choose to use mediation which is a process which two parties can choose to participate in which can enable an agreed resolution to a dispute. It is structured to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those parties whilst also ensuring an outcome.
We use facilitative mediation which involves facilitating negotiation between the two parties, supporting them to reach their own solutions by exploring the needs of each party whilst staying neutral.

Who uses mediation?
Augmenting Workplaces offers mediation primarily for workplace disputes which can be:

between two staff members
two groups
employer and employee

An employee can request that the employer starts the process of mediation or an employer could ask the employee to join them in mediation.

Should I use mediation?
If you find that you’re unable to solve the dispute by yourself and would like to get a resolution without going down a legal path then mediation could be for you.
If you’re a manager who has identified issues between staff which are impacting the workplace you may find value in mediation.
If you’re a small business owner with no HR department then mediation may be the solution.
If you want more control over the resolution then mediation could be the right choice.

What are the steps in mediation

Identify the problem and suggest mediation to the two parties or to the other party.
Contact us and outline the situation.
Give contact details of both parties.
We will contact both parties to get details.
We will make an agreed time (approx 2 hours) and place for mediation.
We will send both parties confidentiality forms.
Then we meet to work on an agreement.

Can I have a support person?
Each party can invite a support person if they feel they need it however they are not consulted by the mediator and should remain silent in the room. It is not a legal process so we don’t invite lawyers into the room. All parties must be in agreement about who attends a session and the role of those not directly affected.

Covid19 Online Arrangements
At this stage we are conducting all of our mediation online. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Benefits of Mediation

Reduces the cost through earlier resolution.
Maintains a relationship where the the relationship is ongoing
May prevent the matter going to court.What is mediation?[/cs_content_seo]