Fred Stern

Dave Segal

Fred is a principal master instructor and has worked in both the areas of public and community service in mediation, restorative justice, counselling, mental health & conflict coaching for more than 30 years. He has assisted individuals & groups either in face to face situations or in the training area.

He has a wealth of experience as both a counsellor (Suicide Help Line, Mens Line, Veterans Line, Beyond Blue etc) where he worked for several years and as a face to face mediator in cases of high conflict in a variety of settings. Fred is currently a family dispute resolution practitioner as well as a nationally accredited mediator. He also runs courses to train those who wish to become accredited mediators as well as delivering mental health first aid courses as a principal master instructor.

His mental health instructor courses have been both face to face and online with a variety of organisations both corporate and community. He has currently delivered over 200 courses thus far. Part of Fred’s work previously has been for the Attorney General’s Department where he was a facilitator for the DART program (Defence Abuse Response Taskforce). This was an opportunity for those who left defence (often over 40 years ago) that had suffered severe mental health issues.