At Augmenting Workplaces, we recognize the paramount importance of ensuring a safe and secure environment for all, including children. As part of our commitment to child safety, we have implemented comprehensive measures to safeguard the well-being of children within our organization. Our child safety initiatives include stringent background checks (Working With Children Checks) for all staff and volunteers working with children, and we use the online Queensland Child Protection Guide (CPG) to inform our decisions about child safety and strict adherence to relevant child safety laws and regulations. Additionally, we foster an open and transparent culture where any concerns or suspicions related to child safety can be reported and addressed promptly and confidentially.

By continuously improving our child safety practices and empowering our workforce with the necessary knowledge, we strive to create an organization that is truly dedicated to the welfare and protection of children in every aspect of our operations.

Our Indicators of success can be found here: This is a work in progress. For information about this progress please contact us.

Here are our policies and procedures in relation to child safety.