Documentation Verification:
a. Request subcontractors to provide documentation or certificates as proof of their ASIST and Mental Health First Aid training during the prequalification process.
b. Keep a record of these training certifications for each subcontractor to demonstrate compliance and facilitate easy access to their qualifications.

Review and Audit:
a. Periodically review the training certifications of subcontractors to confirm their ongoing compliance.
b. Conduct occasional audits to ensure that subcontractors continue to meet the required training standards.

Continuous Education and Training:
a. Encourage subcontractors to engage in continuous education and training related to ASIST and Mental Health First Aid to enhance their skills and stay up-to-date with best practices.
b. Share resources and training opportunities with subcontractors to support their professional development.

Regular Communication:
a. Maintain open and transparent communication with subcontractors to discuss any updates to training requirements or industry standards.
b. Provide channels for subcontractors to seek guidance or clarification on training-related matters.

Collaboration and Support:
a. Collaborate with subcontractors to address any challenges they may face in maintaining their training qualifications.
b. Offer support in obtaining additional training or certifications, if needed.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your subcontractors continue to deliver high-quality ASIST and Mental Health First Aid services, promoting safety and support for those in need. Continuous monitoring and support will help foster a strong and compliant subcontractor network for your organization.